Correct operation guide for removing watch straps


Metal strap:

1. Pay attention to the front and back positions. Once installed backwards, it will definitely not open and close smoothly.

2. The strap with discount will have many holes on the side to adjust the length of the strap. When retracting the strap, you should also pay attention to which side of the strap’s closing axis should not be retracted by the buckle adjustment section (indentation and release). In this way, the buckle will form a lever force, making the strap very easy to open, making it easy to lose the watch.

3. When removing the strap sections of a metal watch strap, it is best to remove them in an even number, and the left and right sides of the buckle must be removed evenly. Only in this way can we ensure that the watch buckle is centered and comfortable to wear. Especially women with thin wrists should pay more attention to this issue when going to the strap section.

4. There is a direction for disassembling the strap sections. Generally, there are arrows on the strap to indicate the direction in which the pegs between the strap sections are pushed out. It cannot be reversed. The installation direction is opposite to the removal direction.

5. If you are a non-professional, it is better to leave the work of disassembling the steel strap bracelet to a professional master to ensure accurate strap fitting data, avoid scratching the case and strap, and save the cost of additional polishing.

Leather strap:
Place the watch flat on the table, insert the long needle into the ear spring.

2. Press the long needle down, take out the straps at both ends, take out the ear spring from the old strap, put it into the new strap and Align the strap interface with the watch lug.

4. Use a tool to insert the lug spring head and press it into the watch lug hole.
5. Gently pull the strap to make sure it is not loose.

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