How to identify genuine leather watch straps?



 If the surface of the leather feels smooth (the grain is processed into coarse leather), soft, plump and elastic when you touch it with your hands, it is genuine leather. The artificial synthetic leather is astringent, rigid, and has poor softness.


First observe the surface of the watchband with your eyes. It is reasonable to say that the pores of the genuine leather will be clearer and the pattern will be natural and unintentional. At the same time, the pores mentioned above will also have differences in size, distribution and shape due to different materials.
Look at the gloss: the crocodile leather belt has a very good gloss and will reflect a paint-like luster under sufficient light, while the cowhide leather is matte. Look at the changes in markings: The patterns on imitation crocodile leather straps are rigid, with basically the same size and shape. The size of the markings on real crocodile leather will naturally change.

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