Apple’s color-changing strap can change color according to the dress


According to the latest technology patent approved by Apple, it is considering designing a color-changing strap for Apple Watch. The strap can automatically change color according to the wearer’s clothing, and can also be used to remind users to receive notifications.

Users can customize the Apple Watch strap according to their needs to express diversity and personal style. Users can choose clothing, other wearable items, environments or other preferences to have the Apple Watch display specific colors.

Apple users who want to use a different color or color combination will need to remove the Apple Watch and replace the strap. Through the electrochromic function, by applying different voltages, it is possible to display multiple colors or color combinations.

The electrochromic layer may be electrically connected to the conductor such that a voltage applied to the conductor is passed to the electrochromic layer. The electrochromic layer consists of a polymer layer that reacts to change the color of the strap by applying different voltages.

Users can choose and adjust the strap color without removing and replacing the strap, and multiple colors can be displayed at different times without having to have a different strap for each color or color combination.

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