What Kind Of Material Is Selected For The Watch Strap?


Option 1: Platinum, white metal precious metals, watches made of precious metals to create a strap are generally more luxurious, and the price is also very high. Precious metal straps are most common in 18K gold. The colors of K gold are white and yellow (white gold, yellow gold and rose gold). In addition, the most high-grade is platinum, which is the most luxurious and expensive. The watch is gone. K gold (including gold-plated) watches are most afraid of contact with mercury-containing chemicals, including certain cosmetics and external medicines. Once they are stained, the surface will change color, become black and smear, and lose the luster of gold.

Option 2: Crocodile skin, in general, crocodile skin commonly used for straps mainly comes from alligators and caiman. But not the skin of the crocodile can be made into a strap. The leather on the back and tail of the crocodile is hard and not suitable for making a strap. Only the soft leather of the abdomen is suitable. The crocodile skin pattern is divided into two types: a square shape and a round shape. The square shape is from the soft skin on the front of the abdomen, and the round shape is from the skin on the side of the abdomen. Because a crocodile can only make a few straps, it is expensive.

Choice three: cowhide, a variety of cowhide, can be divided into calfskin, yellow cowhide, buffalo and so on. Among them, calfskin is the most superior type of cowhide leather. It is made of leather calf from calves within 6 months after birth. The texture is fine and soft to the touch. Yellow cowhide is the most frequently used type, characterized by a thicker, elastic foot. As for buffalo leather, the fur is sparse, the surface is rough, and the appearance and feel of the material are very texture, actually very soft and comfortable to wear.

Option 4: Lambskin, lambskin is known for its fineness and elasticity. It is very suitable for making a strap and it is soft and comfortable to wear on the wrist. A closer look reveals that the lambskin has a clear texture and a strong leather feel. It is lighter in weight and softer in texture than other leathers.

Option 5: Steel, as the name suggests, is the essence of the inside, also known as the white steel strap. Most watches are now made of this material, the advantage is that it is more durable, it is determined that it is easy to scratch. 316L stainless steel is stainless steel, which is very resistant to corrosion and has a very good texture. The main components are Fe, Cr, Ni, Mo, and the density is close to iron, which generally does not affect human skin. Swiss watches usually use this material to make the case, crown and strap. 904L stainless steel is a super heat-resistant stainless steel alloy with a chrome content of up to 21% and corrosion resistance comparable to that of precious metal materials.

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