Aiming Leather Strap Company is a leading strap manufacturer established in 2000 and located in Shenzhen, China. Our products mainly include nylon titanium sport watch band, plain grain leather watch strap, custom nylon watch straps, italian cow leather watch straps, oil waxed leather watch band, etc. We provide customized watch strap services. If you have customized needs for your products, please contact us and we will provide you with the best service.

About Us

Aiming Leather Strap Company is a leading watch straps manufacturer located in Shenzhen, China since 2000. After over 20 years developing and growing with our global business partners, Aiming is now producing watch straps with 100% automated machines instead of traditional manual machines to reach the production ability as 200,000 pieces monthly. Our products mainly include genuine ostrich watch strap, cow leather watch strap, plain grain leather watch strap, oil waxed leather watch band, leather watch band with titanium buckle and so on.

Thanks to the consistent business support from our global customers and our proficient production team and the stable raw materials suppliers, we are proud to earn the reputation of Aiming Premium Quality in the watch strap industry and global markets.
With humble and honest spirit and attitude, we welcome new customers to contact and visit us for business of either our catalog products or OEM products.

Monthly supply capacity

Our Product

Production Techniques: Adhesive Tape / Full side wrapped band / Side wrapped band / Painting edge band


Company Gallery

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Production Equipment

The main materials used are genuine leather and cow leather.

Production: adhesive tape, full side wrapped band , side wrapped band, painting edge band.

We have many models in different size.

Use automated machines instead of manual machines to ensure safe.

Our machine include Pneumatic machine, Hydraulic machine. 

Aiming Strap Customization Process

  1. Customers provide design drawings or samples of watch straps, and our company will quote after evaluating the feasibility.
  2. The two sides communicate the strap price and delivery date, and the customer confirms the cooperation and prepays the proofing fee.
  3. If there are only samples, it needs to be copied and drawn to confirm with the customer, about 3~5 days.
  4. Engraving sample (1 out of 1), and processing of each workpiece (discharged copper), about 7~10 days.
  5. Proof and send the sample, the customer confirms that the sample is OK, and signs the sample approval letter and sample.
  6. The customer prepays 50% of the bulk mold payment as a deposit.
  7. Produce bulk goods, inspect, pack, take photos or customers come to the factory to inspect the goods in person.
  8. The customer pays the balance, and our company arranges the delivery.