How To Identify The Leather Watch Band


What is leather? This is not to mention. Of course, the leather made from the fur of animals is the leather, but the leather is also divided into many grades;

The first layer of skin: the top layer of skin can be divided into grain skin, soft skin, broken skin, and the best calfskin, so you can often see on the Internet that some businesses will be labeled “the first layer of calfskin”. If subdivided, it can be further divided into a first layer of first layer skin, a second layer of top layer skin, and a third level of top layer skin;

Two-layer leather: The second-layer leather is actually half the true half-fake leather. Because it is broken with cowhide scraps, the leather is re-bonded with polyethylene material, and then sprayed or coated with PVC or PU film. Processed. And subdivision can also be divided into first, second, and third.

Artificial leather: Everyone knows that it is fake skin. I don’t say much about how this is caused.

And of course, this knowledge can be found by searching for a search in the mother, and what I want to say is how to distinguish between the top layer and the second layer;

The first layer of skin: the online saying is “the hand is pressed, there is wrinkles, there is also natural leather wrinkles after wearing. There will be no break after wearing.” This is the first layer of skin, and I have a special identification. Method, because you bought a leather thing, it is very likely that you will not press hard to see if it is true, because if it is leather, the price is not cheap, it is also an unknown number if you can restore it, and I The way is:

First: to smell, the leather has a unique leather taste, this taste may require a little experience to smell, but if it is leather, it will have a unique fragrance, so you will suddenly realize this It is leather.

Second: Go and see, because if it is leather made of cowhide, there will be many small and small holes in the leather. This is because the skin has a lot of capillary blood holes on it, and it is difficult to remove the holes. Unless you cover a layer of things on the leather, these holes are small and small, and you need to look at them.

Third: Of course, the most unwanted method is to use fire. This method is very not recommended, because it will destroy the cortex, the leather will not burn hard, and the artificial leather will be hard.

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