Summer is coming, is it time to change the watch strap?


Metal strap

The metal strap will have a cool feeling on the wrist. It is very cool and comfortable to wear in the hot summer, but the metal strap has a disadvantage. Whenever we sweat, it is easy to hide dirt in the strap Nurgle, who is a little prone to sweating less, has a black patch on his wrist. This is because the watch is oxidized by sweat.

A long metal watch strap like this, in fact, can be applied to many brands. The metal strap itself has the characteristics of anti-magnetic effect and durability. Generally, what we see are steel straps. Of course, if it is a luxury, there are also gold rose gold, white gold, platinum and so on.

For the stain on the metal strap, you can use a soft toothbrush dipped in clean water to gently brush it. If the dirt is serious, you can brush it with toothpaste, then wash it with clean water and dry it with a cold air blower. If you feel that your strap has a lot of dirt in the crevices, you can use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean it

Genuine Leather Strap

There are many types of leather straps, and the most common ones are cowhide and crocodile leather straps. Under normal circumstances, the leather strap of the product will have many simple lines, which just show the elegance of the formal watch.

Similar to this strap style, lining will be added inside, and the leather strap is actually not suitable for summer wear. Because the hands will sweat at night in summer, wearing a leather strap will easily absorb hand sweat and shorten its life. In addition, there will be an unpleasant smell. Therefore, under normal circumstances, merchants recommend that the leather strap be replaced once every 1 to 2 years.

Nylon strap

The nylon strap should be said to be cheap, simple and practical, light in material, good in air permeability, and basically maintenance-free. If it gets dirty, just take it off and wash it. And various patterns and patterns can be painted on the nylon strap, which is very suitable for individual choice. However, the nylon strap is not suitable for formal occasions, and the material is easy to snag and fluff. I personally suggest that it is best not to wear a nylon strap in summer, and it can be worn for outdoor activities.The early nylon watch straps were very strong in military and outdoor properties, but now they have developed a bit of business characteristics.

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