The crocodile leather strap can be described as the platinum in the strap, so what are its advantages?


The raw materials here are mainly divided into two aspects, one is crocodile breeding and the other is crocodile skin production materials. Crocodiles are a relatively rare and precious species. The crocodile skins currently used in the market are all from artificial breeding, and the number is rare and grown. The speed is very slow, which also leads to extremely high cost of breeding, and the rare is the most expensive, which to a certain extent increases the cost of raw materials for watch straps
There are also limitations in the area where the finished crocodile skin can be used to make straps. The best quality is the chest and abdomen on both sides of the spine; other places are either too hard to use or too soft to use. In this way, a piece of crocodile skin can only produce a few watch straps at most, and the quality is finer, which is rare and rare, which undoubtedly makes the raw materials of crocodile skin scarce.

The biggest feature of the crocodile leather strap during use is that its leather texture feels very soft and skin-friendly, and it is comfortable to wear, unlike other straps that feel stiff and elastic; who would not like this texture? So it is the top standard of many high-end watches.
And the leather gloss of the crocodile leather strap will not change over time during use, that is, even if you wear it for a year or two, the bottom will be old but the surface leather will still be fresh. If you have to say that there is something inferior to other watch straps, it may be that the price is too expensive!

Crocodile skin is not only rare in raw materials and strong in wearing comfort, but the most difficult thing is its manufacturing process; in the process of making products, crocodile skin must be divided according to parts, not every part of the leather can be used, so in The processing requirements are also quite demanding.
From the early stage trimming of ingredients, molding, oiling, sewing to the final quality inspection, every process needs to be handmade, and the requirements for the professionalism of personnel are very high. Any problem in any process is equivalent to wasting all previous efforts, so Say that the alligator leather strap you use is unique and unique. Because each piece of crocodile leather is different, the texture of the strap made by each part is also different, and the effect presented by each handmade is also different, which is why the crocodile leather strap is different from other straps. one of the reasons

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