Which watch strap material is suitable for you? Count the advantages and disadvantages of these material straps


The types of strap materials include genuine leather straps, leather straps, metal straps, rubber straps and nylon straps. Metal straps are divided into 316L metal straps, 904L metal straps, K gold straps and platinum straps.

The main analysis is as follows:

Metal strap: The advantages are strong and durable, the strap is breathable and fresh, with a heavy feeling, suitable for men and bracelets with a stable atmosphere, and the hollow design is light and beautiful, suitable for women.

The disadvantage is that it is expensive, pure steel is excellent, but the price of gold and platinum straps is very high. And it is easy to scratch, so it needs to be polished frequently. If left untreated, metal straps are prone to soiling and lead to wear and corrosion.

Belts: Belts are mainly made of genuine leather. Because the material properties are similar to leather straps, suitable for leather straps.

Leather strap: The most important feature of a leather strap is comfort, especially in winter, it feels elegant and attractive, and looks good on formal occasions.

Rubber straps: Young and vibrant rubber straps, most notably Audemars Piguet oak. Rubber has advantages that cannot be ignored. The rubber is extra soft. More and more high-end watches prefer rubber straps.

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