The Stitching of Watch Strap


Stitching is a very important strap making process. Ordinary watch straps are machine-punched and machine-sewn, while high-end watch straps are machine-punched and hand-sewn. As the “King of Leather Goods”, Hermès has been producing watch straps since 1928. It was first supplied to Mido watches. Today, apart from Apple, it is mainly supplied to Parmigiani. Hermès straps are first sewn by machine to ensure the uniform density and strength of the stitches, but a small section is reserved at each end of the strap and then reinforced by hand sewing. Craftsmen cross stitch back and forth with double stitches, also known as “saddle stitch”

Stitching can also add luster to the strap, often in the contrasting color of the strap. In its limited platinum collection series, Vacheron Constantin uses platinum thread to sew the strap, with a platinum case, dial, crown and buckle, showing low-key luxury. In 2020, in order to pay tribute to the 70th anniversary of the advent of the luminous material Luminor, Panerai has extensively used a new generation of luminous material Super-LumiNova X1 in the Luminor Marina series watches, extending from the hands and hour markers to the crown guard bridge, The outer edge of the dial, up to the strap stitching.

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