What functions are professional diving watches have?


In recent years, diving watches have become very popular, and almost every watch brand will launch its own diving watches. In terms of watch design, a slightly thicker watch with a large hour hand will definitely be waterproof, which makes everyone think that waterproof watches should be a common feature of watches. In fact, the International Organization for Standardization has a detailed standard for waterproof/diving watches.

The International Organization for Standardization stipulates that modern diving watches must be designed and manufactured in accordance with the ISO 6425 standard. The ISO 6425 international standard specifies the requirements and test methods for diving watches (including mixed gas diving). These chronographs must be able to withstand diving in water at a depth of at least 100 meters, and also meet a number of other requirements, including:

✩ have a time preselection device, i.e. a rotating bezel with markings at least every 5 minutes;

✩ Dial luminous for clear readability at a distance of 25cm in complete darkness;

✩ Second hand with luminous tip to indicate that the watch is running;

✩Antimagnetic, shockproof, high temperature resistant, seawater corrosion resistant;

✩The strap is strong and reliable.

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