What’s so special about smart watch straps?


When I saw Apple Watch Series 7 for the first time last year, several friends around me, including me, were shocked by this large screen. The size has not changed, but a larger screen has been stuffed.

After a brief surprise, an idea came out uncontrollably. Is the industrial design of smart watches going the same old way as mobile phones-the screen ratio is getting higher and higher, and the appearance of each product is becoming more and more similar.

Moreover, the characteristics of a watch as a wearable device are more restrictive. It must fit the wrist and emphasize comfort. In this way, the only design choice left to the manufacturer is whether the dial is square or round.

In contrast, the design of smart watch straps is more abundant. Whether it is design innovation or experience, it not only establishes a difference with traditional watches, but also the choices of various companies do not fall into the trend of “optimal design solutions”.

Today, let’s talk about the strap of the smart watch.

Originated from tradition, newer than tradition

Before Apple Watch and other smart watches, the traditional watchmaking industry has achieved the ultimate in design and experience, from natural leather straps, carefully processed metal straps, and even diamonds and other precious materials, texture, wearing Comfort is well done.

For smart watches, the traditional watchmaking industry is like a mature father, with rich skills and resources for younger generations to learn.

Aiming Strap Company can produce leather material , nylon material and silicone material straps for smart watches , please feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

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