How to identify genuine and fake crocodile leather straps


Therefore, there are many imitation crocodile leather watch straps on the market. Today, I will teach you how to distinguish genuine and fake crocodile leather watch straps. First look at the pattern. There are some crocodile leather watch straps on the market, which are made by pressing the crocodile pattern mold on the leather belt. Because manufacturers generally only use one set of molds in order to reduce costs, a brand of crocodile leather Grained cowhide belts generally have a pattern pattern. When buying, you may wish to ask the salesperson to give you a few more comparisons. If the patterns are the same, it is basically fake.
1. The patterns of real crocodile leather watch straps are different, even if a brand, a model, and a batch of several crocodile leather watch straps have different patterns. Because the pattern of crocodile skin is like human palm print, it is completely formed naturally and has natural differences, so the pattern of each crocodile skin is unique. Cutting from different parts of a piece of crocodile leather results in different strap patterns.

2. Real crocodile skin also has many small and irregular textures, which are the second natural wrinkles of an adult crocodile, which cannot be artificially imitated. This is another feature that distinguishes natural skin textures from machine-embossed textures.

3. Real crocodile skin has “bamboo pattern”, the so-called “bamboo pattern”, which is similar to that between bamboo nodes, there are many vertical and fine cracks arranged, very fine and irregular, which is also a natural skin pattern Distinctive features that distinguish it from machine embossed lines. However, the machine-embossed pattern is a rigid pattern, and on both sides of the pattern are black stripes imitating the “pimples” of crocodile skin horniness.

4. Finally, look at the workmanship. After all, it is an accessory of the top watch. The workmanship of genuine alligator belts is all exquisite and meticulous. Basically, they are all done by hand, and the logos are all stamped. You get what you pay for, if the workmanship is too rough, it is likely to be fake.

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