There are so many types of straps, would you choose a strap?


In many cases, modern people take out their mobile phones to check the time instead of raising their hands to look at their watches.

However, a watch is not just a tool for timing, it can be a fashion item or a symbol of taste.

Many people only pay attention to the appearance of the watch, often ignoring the strap part, causing unnecessary embarrassment.

Leather straps are more common in daily life, but have you noticed that the above strap is not stitched, because this is a classic leather strap, and the integrated design is more concise and capable.

Such a strap has stricter requirements on leather and workmanship, but it will appear more delicate and elegant.

Double stitched leather strap

The picture above is a more common double-stitched leather strap, so there are not as many requirements as the classic leather strap.

Although part of the exquisiteness is sacrificed for sewing, it is economical and durable. It is more suitable for daily leisure, of course, leisure business is also possible.

In addition, the texture of the leather strap is also particular. Under the influence of the minimalist design concept, it is generally a delicate texture.

But there are other traditional textures to choose from. Lychee pattern is not used much in men’s watches, and it is a bit old-fashioned, so it is not recommended to choose.

In addition to metal and leather, there are also straps made of nylon, rubber, and ceramics. Next, let’s continue to talk about straps made of nylon, rubber, and ceramics.

At first, the nylon watch strap was developed and used by the army, and later it was gradually developed into the sports field because of its low price, wear resistance and durability.

Nylon watch straps are fashionable, durable, waterproof, easy to take care of, and highly malleable. Apart from being a bit cheap and unable to attend formal occasions, nylon watch straps are really better than other watch straps.

So if you want daily matching and fashion, you can choose a nylon strap.

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