The thing about the watch strap


The watch strap fixes the timepiece on the wrist, allowing us to read the time by raising our hands. In addition to functionality, the strap also has a strong decorative effect, like a bracelet. Today, watch brands also make great efforts in the design of watch straps, not only launching a variety of different colors and materials, but also sometimes equipped with special devices or functions, which is amazingly rich and varied.

Long design strap/extra-long strap 

How long does the strap need to be? Under normal circumstances, the length of the strap is enough to wrap around the wrist for a week. In recent years, many women’s watches have launched double-turn, triple-turn, or even multi-turn straps, presenting a fashionable sense of stacking. Chanel’s Première Electro watch, for example, has a strap long enough for the model to wear it three times around the ankle. But in fact, there is also an extra-long strap, which is very long, but only enough to wear it around, and that is the strap specially equipped for pilot watches.

In order to make it easier for pilots to wear the watch outside the heavy flight suit, or even tie it on the thigh, early pilot watches were equipped with extra-long straps. Sometimes it is reinforced with rivets to ensure that the watch cannot accidentally slip off. Today, many pilot watches follow this design. When Longines launched the forerunner series inspired by traditional aviation watches, it equipped the high-end version of its three-hand calendar with three replaceable straps, one of which is an extra-long NATO leather strap.

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