What is a NATO strap?


NATO is the abbreviation of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), so what is a NATO strap? In 1973, the British Ministry of Defense developed a bottom-through military strap with a special double-layer structure for safety. At that time, soldiers had to fill out an application form numbered G1098 to receive this strap. Over time, G10 became the synonym for this strap. At the same time, this strap also earned the name “NATO” due to the NATO stock number (NSN 13-digit alphanumeric code, representing the item’s compliance with the NATO Munitions Supply Standardization Agreement).

The standard NATO strap is equipped with a sub-strap connected to the main strap. It is said that it is used to carry a machine gun. It is also said that in addition to strengthening the role of fixation, the rather long strap can serve as an emergency bandage when soldiers are injured. use. Today, many NATO watch straps are not equipped with auxiliary straps, but there are still three buckles outside the pin buckle to fix the folded strap to ensure that the watch will not slip off easily. There is no standard material for NATO watch straps, it can also be leather, but today most are made of durable, lightweight and waterproof nylon.

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